Accounting Department

The Accounting and Administrative Department is responsible for recording the economic events carried out by all areas of the company and managing financial resources according to established policies.

“We develop our activities with ethics, transparency, professionalism, and quality, to produce reliable, consistent, and reasonable information”.

Team Members:

0120_rua_ana_.jpg 0420_gomez_tania.jpg
Anamaria Rua Bedoya Luisa Fernanda Gomez Ramirez Daniel Esteban Enriquez Eguiguren Tania Caterine Gomez Arenas
Accounting Manager Staff Accountant III Staff Accountant I Staff Accountant I

Accounting Policies:

Purchase Policy

Reimbursement Policy

Extra Hours Policy

Travel Policy

Vacations Policy

Time Tracking Policy

Non-Billable Projects Policy

Institutional emails:

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